Armageddon End Time Prophecy Revelations

Armageddon, End Time Prophecy, Revelations

Armageddon(Revelations 16:16)

Comes from the word Megiddo meaning a mountain or range of hills

This is a real place, the location is about 25 miles west-southwest of the southern-most tip of the Sea of Galilee. This area is a key location for maintaining security for the Via Maris which is an ancient trade route between countries. It is an ideal location for war, many battles have already been fought here.

End Time Prophecies

Several thousand prophecies have already come true, we only have a handful of prophecies left before the onslaught of horrifying prophecies within a 7 year period.


Book written by John The Baptist and is the final book of the Bible


Get out of jail-free card for all of those are saved. In fact, there are three possible interpretations of the “Rapture”.


The word “rapture” is never mentioned in the King James Bible or an equivalent from ancient text in Hebrew or Greek.

Many Christians believe the verse ??? means Jesus will come and Christians will be “raptured”

Few, very studious Christians, read the verse as Jesus will return on “the last day”, not “day(s)”.

Many christians believe when the Holy Spirit leaves, we cannot be separated from Him and we will be raptured.

It has been my experience that the Holy Spirit will leave you if you continue to be stupid, doing the things you should not be doing and trying to take the Holy Spirit places where you should not be.

 False Teachings

We are not suppose to ignore the signs and put our faith in God. We are to put our faith in God, pray that this violence should pass us, and be the watchmen on the wall. Many Christians misquote the Bible as we will all be caught off guard by the return of the King as He will return “like a thief in the night”. However, they mislead you to believe that the Watchmen and Sentries will ALSO be caught off-guard as if we too are sleeping. This is not so as we are to be prepared for His return and spread the good news. Do not live in sinful fear, but live a life for God and do not allow Lucifer and his army to side-track you with “life”.

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