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Bible Questions

Bible Questions I Will Find Answers to Soon I hope

…A place to help, encourage, and communicate with one another…
In years past, the early years of our country, family and friends sat together on weekends and discussed religion. I find it troubling that within my own family there is no longer a place for this, worse, religion and Bible facts is staunchly fought against at many angles. How Troubling it is when the Bible is brutally accurate…that many will cry out “Lord Lord” and He will reply “I knew You Not”, and that the path is narrow and many will not find it.

Items I would love to discuss with some of my family and friends who are:

  • Jehovah Witnesses
  • 7th Day Adventist
  • Presbyterian
  • Lutherans
  • Nazarenes
  • Catholics
  • Pentecostals

These are just some of those religions my family and friends participate in and are members of. That means, some of us believe, or don’t believe, or have no idea in, the following:

  1. Rapture – will christians be on earth during the tribulation?
    1. If so, what do are we commanded to do?
    2. If not, where do we go and what happens to those left behind?
  2. Salvation – are we saved based on our works as our works shows our faith and commitment to God and bear fruit of our relationship with God? Or salvation is based solely on repent, ask forgiveness, and live how we feel like it as once-saved-always-saved?
  3. Salvation – can we lose our salvation?
  4. Sheol – what is it? It appears to be 2 places, Abraham’s Bosom for the righteous and a temporary hell for the wicked
  5. What about Hades, Tartarus, Gehenna, The Lake of Fire, Hell, The Abyss? No, they are not all the same place, this much I do know and I also know we are all going somewhere.
  6. Dead in Sleep – some of the above religions believe we are dead in our sleep, we are destroyed and not sent to hell
  7. Heaven/Hell – some believe we are immediately where we deserve to be
  8. Gifts of God – prophecy, healing, speaking in tongues, etc.. Some say the books of the Bible are sealed, no need for prophesying and no longer a need for speaking in tongues and more. I believe there are 1 – 23 gifts given to each of us?
  9. Catechism?
  10. Trinity? The Bible doesn’t mention Trinity anywhere so Jehovah Witnesses claim as Jesus will return with the voice of an archangel, as there is only ONE archangel, and that Jesus is called Son of God (like angels), makes Jesus…Michael The Archangel. They use other verses of course from the King James as well.
  11. Holy Spirit: God’s Energy/Force (like a wind) is what Jehovah Witnesses believe and that there is no Trinity. There is one God and not 3 Gods
  12. Mormon’s believe in the Trinity, Jesus is the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit is a separate entity in the Trinity.
  13. Catholics pray to the saints, bow before Mother Marry, and believe in the Trinity
  14. Do non-christians have power of demons?
  15. Can christians be possessed by demons?
  16. Atonement
  17. Imputed Righteousness – Were you righteous in choosing God or did Righteousness get imputed on you when Jesus died on the cross and you were pre-destined and granted Mercy to seek Him and Find Him?
  18. Did God pre-select you or did you select God? Are we born into sin incapable of want a righteous life or did God seek us out first with Mercy? Some of our religions believe in different levels of Mercy. One of Him choosing us to be created, another in choosing us to find Him, and finally His Mercy to forgive us after we follow the right steps.
  19. If God owes does not owe us anything, and we deserve nothing, and we are BORN sinners, and want to do evil, what brings us to God? Is it God’s Grace on us, to even look HIs direction, HIs Favoring of us, undeservedly, before we seek Him? Keeping us alive as satan cries out for each of us (-Job and David?)?
  20. So what is the difference between Grace, Saving Grace, salvation, Mercy, Deliverance, Repentance, Forgiveness?
  21. So which religion are you?
  22. Do you believe in Predestination and that God pre-chose you? If so, why is it fair that He Pre-Chose you and predestined some of us and not others?
  23. God is all-knowing, does God “will” damnation for some and salvation for others knowing the future and ALL POSSIBLE outcomes? 1/2 of our Christian Religions are based on this.
  24. Can you lose your salvation by not showing fruits of your labor or failing to show any sign of your salvation as you bare no good works?
  25. Does your God consist of 3 gods or 3 Gods or One God? Does your God punish forever and forever in Hell or compassionately destroys the lost?
  26. Is your Jesus and Lucifer the same as in the NIV? The NIV calls both “The Morning Star”…
  27. Is your Jesus the “son of God” as ONE of the Sons of God and considered to be Michael the Archangel?
  28. Is Baptism required? If so, at which age and how many times?
  29. Where were you married? A catholic’s marriage is not valid when married outside of the Catholic Church. As one priest told me, I can divorce whenever I want to because I married in a Christian church…Is your marriage valid before God?
  30. Did you have Faith first or did God give you faith? Some of the above religions believe that God GAVE you faith as a GIFT before you could even have faith in Him.
  31. Satisfactory Theory or Penal Substitution with the death of Jesus? The Wages of Sin is Death, we are sentenced to death, no way around it. Do we owe God our lives in death sentence where Jesus substituted Himself or are we prisoners of Lucifer and Jesus paid our ransom with His death? Are we covered against a Wrathful God for our inherent, inherited, and blatant desiring of sin or does Christ’s perfect righteousness restores us back to where we should have been before the fall of Adam and Eve?

All of the above religions separate on these questions. How well do you know your church? All of you Christians go to a church that believes in a specific answer on these questions. I hope I did not anger any more family members but my concern is, primarily not angering God. No longer requiring myself to keep “everyone” happy, I am much happier now and finally I am free.

We all read for the most part from the same Bible and interpreting it differently. Worse, the NIV calls both the Devil and Jesus The Morning Star and many more confusing interpretations. How do they both have the SAME exact name?
Why do 7th Day Adventist in our family believe there is no Hell?
In the Bible, what’s the difference between the Abyss, Lake of Fire, Sheol, Hell, Dead in your Sleep, Destruction, Hades, Tartarus, and Gehenna and Abrahams Bosom? When we die, some of us believe we are going to one, or possibly two places, or possibly three places.
Some Christians believe once-saved-always-saved
Some of us believe we can lose our salvation

Whatever you believe, time is running out. Put your faith into action, not just words.

Once you are saved, don’t forget:
Pursuit of justice
Proclaiming the gospel of Christ