Catholic Rosary Prayer Beads

Dangerous Prayer Beads


The mind-numbing prayer beads is another trick imported from Eastern pagan religions. In a fool’s attempt bring new followers from pagans who refused to give up their prayer beads, Catholics imported their demonic practices into Catholic Christianity. The Bible says that when your house is empty, squatters will come in, plain and simple, just like a vacant house that is cleaned and swept, but EMPTY. If you do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, your house is EMPTY. Leaving your guard down through mantras, humming, repetition, chanting, etc, EMPTIES your house and sweeping it clean for demonic activity to enter. Monks, Buddhist, and very high levels of their martial arts make use of this power along with Yoga. The energy the claim to achieve is either of God or of Satan, and it takes the help of God to recognize and discern what is evil.

Catholics teach nonsensical brain-numbing repetition through pagan beads which works like a charm, when you are trying to get demon possessed.


Basic rosary has 59 beads linked together appearing as a necklace. 53 beads are for “Hail Mary’s” and remaining 6 beads are for “Our Fathers”.

Prayer is extremely powerful as well as meditating on God’s word which is the bible. COMMUNICATING with God is what God is looking for, not a robot with an automated response. To test this theory is very easy. All you have to do is get your favorite pet, or your child. In this example, we will use our dog. Get the dog to bark and record it. Then record a different bark from your dog. One type of bark, lets say a playful bark will be the Hail Mary and the second type of bark, lets say a bark to get your attention to go outside/it’s hungry/etc, obviously different. Now, program a robotic dog from the tech store with both barks. The dog needs to bark every day 53 times for the Hail Mary and the other bark for the Our Fathers 6 additional times. This will be your only communication…a robot with no love, no meaning, no purpose, no wants, no needs, no requests, the same garbage day in and day out. In the tech industry we call this GIGO for Garbage In Garbage Out. You put garbage in your code you get garbage in return.

If a robot dog sounds like companionship, then you are in luck. If however, you are a normal person and believe in COMMUNICATION, then you will want a pet with it’s own “will”, actions, and thoughts. It will be at the door wagging its tail each day it sees you, trying to get your attention for affection and give you affection communicating with facial expressions, a wagging tail, propped ears, different barks, whines, yelps, head gestures and trying to hop up on your lap.

So, in essence, you are a robot dog barking out memorized recordings. You are a cheap plastic toy that broadcasts the same message from its warped record player. You are worse than a parrot repeating “Pollie Wants a Cracker” because at least you know the stupid bird wants a cracker but with your numbskull repetitive foolery, you never ask for anything. The Bible says “You do not have because you not ask”. It also says “when two more gather in my name to pray” He will be listening. If a broken record skipping on the same few sentences 53 times sounds like it has magical properties, then you are in luck yet again. You can record your rip-off of a prayer and digitize it onto your media player. You can have it play every day all day for maximum brownie points. You would be showing more dedication by brute forcing your prayers 24/7 for best ROI.

..To keep the ignorant lost sheep from receiving protection and taking shelter, the wolves are smart. Instead of fighting a losing battle against the Good Shepherd, the wolves tricked the lambs into “NOT” calling out for help. Instead, the fool and lazy sheep dropped recorded nonsensical messages in the feeding fields and wandered off with the wolves…

Various religions use prayer beads so the foolery pre-dates Catholicism, an ancient April Fools trick but you are the tricked and the treat is your inability to communicate with God. Islam, Buddhists, Hindus, and the Greeks are among many cults who worshipped gods with beads. Wiccan witches also use prayer beads as it is often a necessary evil for them as well to get yourself empty, and focused on ungodly things as you become more evil, starting the process of demon possession.

Simply put, prayer beads are suppose to remind you how many times you have already said the same thing over and over and over and over and…etc. You say it so many times that you forgot how many times you said it and this somehow bruteforces your prayers on an all-powerful God. The type of stone/bead used with the combined material and color is suppose to further have physical, metaphysical, and psychological affects on their users. Certain stones are suppose increase brain power by absorbing the excess electrical burden within your body making your “negative” body go back in to “positive”. Stones are suppose to help you with diseases, common aches and pains like headaches and allergies. Of course, if this were true, you can get two stones and put them in your pocket and you will have a “positive” charge all day and never have a headache or sneeze again the rest of your life. Some stones have the ability to sedate you and help you sleep as well. With all of these “magical” properties you don’t need a god, all you need is a stone of every type put into a necklace, bracelet, and ankle  bracelet. You would be a self-healing stoner for your remaining years.

Catholic beads often have 33 for the number of years in Christ’s life, 7 for the number of days in creation, seasons of the church year, number of sacraments, four quadrants for the points on the cross, seasons of the year, lunar phases, number of primary elements (earth, water, wind and fire), number of cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west), and one bead sometimes on the cross as the “invitatory bead”. Furthermore, catholics did not allow for the wearing of jewelry, so having a beautifully exquisite rosary beads, you in essence wore jewelry that was allowed by the church and not frowned upon by the public. Rosary beads for the wealthy help set their status with gold, silver, precious stones and gems. Just like witches, warlocks, necromancers and other enemies of God, the Rosary beads typically have lunar phases, the 4 elements, directions, and some form of “invitation”.

An example usage of Catholic Rosary beads:

  1. “Jesus becoming man”
  2. “Jesus sanctifying”
  3. “Jesus born in poverty”
  4. “Jesus sacrificed”
  5. “Jesus holy of holies”
  6. “Jesus in his agony”
  7. “Jesus scourged”
  8. “Jesus crowned with thorns”
  9. “Jesus carrying his Cross”
  10. “Jesus crucified”
  11. “Jesus risen from the dead”
  12. “Jesus ascending to heaven”
  13. “Jesus filling thee with the Holy Spirit”
  14. “Jesus raising thee up”
  15. “Jesus crowning thee”

There are several Catholic prayers:

  • “Joyful Mysteries”
  • “Sorrowful Mysteries”
  • “Summary of Life – Death – Passion – and Heavenly Glory of Jesus and Mary”

…and more. In fact, Catholics are are worse than the occults in many cases, because they can so closely resemble real Christians unlike demon worshippers who have obviously picked their losing battle joining team “Lost & Condemned”. It may sound insulting to Catholics but here is a truthful example of their…Memorized, Relentless, Repetitive, Vacant, Absent-Minded Blabbering

Useless Memorized Prayers Vacating Any Relationship with YHWH

  • “The Agony of Jesus”
  • “The Scourging”
  • “The Crowning of Thorns of Jesus Christ”
  • “The Assumption of Mary”
  • “The Crowning of Mary”

In truth, the above prayers go into detail of the whipping, lashing, breaking of bones, pools of blood, and the elevation of Jesus’ mother Mary to a status she doesn’t belong. There you have it, worshipping and memorizing the brutalization of Jesus and His broken body rather than focusing on HIS RESURRECTION, HIS CONQUERING SATAN AND DEFEATING DEATH with a SINLESS LIFE. To be more to the point, demons who have possessed humans in the past ENJOY the Catholic’s crucifixions. Demons and devil LOVE to see Jesus on the cross, broken, bloody, emancipated as if He hadn’t ate a decent meal in months. The Bible spends little on His suffering, much on His resurrection, conquering death and satan, and love.

The Catholic’s confusing religion practice

  • Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
  • Will of the Saints
  • Secrets of Mary
  • and more

It’s unfortunate so many have been hoodwinked into the Catholic cult, the foretold Harlot Wench of Babylon. It will be terrifying to stand there before God, Jesus at the Book of Life, and “Ah Satan” (the Accuser) hitting on all points on why you don’t deserve Heaven, and the common Catholic will look around for mother Mary and she will be behind the gates with everyone else…waiting for real Christ Followers to come through…and then the Book of Life will close and Jesus will say “I never knew you”.

Rosary beads are infestations of other religions allowed to pollute God’s word from other cults. Missionaries set out to do a good thing, reaching out to evil people, ALLOWED these devil worshipers to keep their pacifiers, and these adult babies grew up to be adolescent children in many cases, not completely turning themselves over to the one and true God, Yahweh…Elohim. This is what fools don’t understand, one of the reasons God commanded His people to terminate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in some cases, entire cities were destroyed, women, children, livestock, gold, silver, burned/destroyed, or buried. Father knows best, and He knew what would happen to their children if they allowed these demon worshippers and their infected and demonically blessed artifacts in to the land and homes of His people, the children of Abram, renamed Abraham, the father of many nations.

Prayer beads have originated from Buddhism or Hinduism nearly 1,500 years before Christ was born. Hindus use their beads to pray to one of their gods as well or saying mantras. Mantras are repeated hundreds to thousands of times. They have over 100 beads in their occult. They will chant a mantra (series of words or a word) repeatedly to “invoke” spiritual qualities. The mantra has special powers to change your consciousness, promote healing and grant your desires. For the simplest of you christians out there, you should start to understand what prayer beads are all about. It is about misdirection, brain washing, meditating on yourself, using words to “invoke” powers. In some cases it’s the “word” that has the power or power through repetition in some cases, no longer is there a need for God.

Muslims started to use the beads to recite the glory of their god (allah). Muslims repeat, repeatedly, Glory be to God, Praise be to God, and repeating their 99 names for their god. The Koran, their version of our bible, demands one-hundred prayers in total. that is one-hundred meaningless, repetitive prayers that sound like a broken record with never, not once, communicating with God in a personal loving relationship.

Who else uses Prayer Beads??

  • Wiccans
  • home and garden witches
  • druids
  • Pagans
  • necromancers
  • warlocks
  • soothsayers
  • sight seers
  • readers of the stars
  • fortune tellers
  • and other fools who also use brain numbing prayer beads

Prayer Bead Details

Their prayer beads vary as well as the above false occult religions. Their beads will follow:

  • moon cycles
  • sacred numbers known to God and angels (3, 7, 9, 13, etc)
  • signs and symbols
    • Signs and symbols given to us from demons and devils in disguise as heavenly messengers (angels), mother Mary, and Jesus, and other false prophets in an attempt to confuse and mislead us with supernatural power and knowledge God did not intend on us understanding at this time.
  • Examples are
    • circles
    • spirals
    • yin/yang
    • and more.

This pagan demonic practice helps remind you to meditate and focus on wholeness, community, the universe, cycles, changes, reincarnation, and other false beliefs. The beads may help you with the cycles of the moon, full or new, to be used each month and the 13 moon cycles of the year. Some Prayer Beads, Prayer Ropes, also known as Beaded Witch’s Ladder depending on whose side you are on, have knots. Knots are helpful with whatever your imagination takes you in any occult you are in:

"A knot is not a useless thing,
It keeps in place with rope and string.
Not all kept is hard or soft,
Knots can keep wishes, hope and thoughts.
Held by magick knots we make,
For life and love not to forsake." - Wiccan poet

The wicked and abominable will also bind evil to their prayer beads, hanging the demonic spirits around their necks, homes, or ritual areas. This is a falsity granted temporarily by demons and devils to the conjurer with temporary power and false future promises.

For a Witches Ladder with 9 knots:

By knot of one, the spell's begun.
By knot of two, the magic comes true.
By knot of three, so it shall be.
By knot of four, this power is stored.
By knot of five, my will shall drive.
By knot of six, the spell I fix.
By knot of seven, the future I leaven.
By knot of eight, my will be fate.
By knot of nine, what is done is mine.

Another important need that beads meet is it allows prayer and focus with minimal effort. It is very useful for the uneducated and the short in memory. It allows the uneducated to repeat the same words over and over and over and over again without having to read and study their bibles, coming up with something that is actually useful to say…something original from their hearts and minds entering into a real relationship with God. Prayer beads also helps those people who are short in memory because they forget at which repeatingly, repeated, repetition, repetioningly, repetitive, repetitious, repetitiously rep they just repeated for the 50th time….what an awesome prayer that must be….wow, you just impressed the creator of the universe.

In Christianity, few understand that we all have gifts. As we serve God, typically by donating time with the church family and community, we realize what our gifts are. Through a personal relationship with God, the Holy Spirit works with us to strengthen our gifts to further our christian walk with God and to help others, furthering God’s kingdom and His plans that all His children have the opportunity of salvation. There is no repetitive bruteforce attack on God’s will, making His will cave in to our memorized repetitions. There are no magical words to “trump” God’s will, granting us invoked powers. As a real Christ Follower, you will understand that these invocations and powers are true, and they do come, but from evil, the demons and devils that listen and trick others. These occults trick people into “meditative” trance-like states, almost self-hypnotizing themselves into a VULNERABLE state. With their guards down of common sense and the stress of every day life, they are now vulnerable to communications with demons and devils. Just like the smoker, drunkard or drug addict, when they are all tweaked out or in a drunken, smoke-out stupor, their defenses are down and open to mental suggestions and physical attacks. The lost have their homes (souls, body, mind, and spirit) empty and cleaned out when in these states, making room for demons and devils to suggest (voices) coming into their bodies, moving from outside influencers to a much more dangerous state of demon possession. Although the idea of having a new set of powers, immense strength, the ability at times to touch or inflect wounds via chi-like martial arts, or other practices, is desirable, but it is all demonic.  Most all humans desire this, but at the cost of their internal damnation. Jesus, good angels under the authority of God, and Christians under the authority of our Savior Jesus Christ, still trump those demonic powers.

At your very end, when you pass away, you will stand trial before the King. Satan the accuser (ah sa-tan means the accuser) will be at your trial and the Book of Life will be opened. You will be judged, condemned, and punished according to your sins if your name is not there for denying His son, Jesus our savior. Instead of the saints and trumpets to announce your arrival into Heaven, the shadow people will come and be your escort. There are no second chances.

If you are having any of these symptoms: fear, depression, ungodly hate or anger, vengeful, mean, sex outside of a committed relationship, sex in an unnatural relationship (animals, homosexuality, etc), desiring others outside of your relationship, a habitual liar, a drunkard or drug abuser, verbally abusive, unable to focus, or have constant health problems, or you simply do not know if you are saved from the penalty of sin, you are in luck. YOU can guarantee your place in Heaven, free from your sins, in a matter of minutes. No special ceremonies, no need for witnesses, just you, Jesus and God. Jesus says in the bible “seek and you shall find”, “knock and the door will be opened unto you”. Before going any further, get down on your knees right now and pray to the one and only true God, thank Him for sending a piece of Himself, coming to earth born to virgin Marry, living a perfect life as the Son of God (Jesus/Immanuel), and dying for your sins. Realize we are all sinners, imperfect, not one human has been perfect except Jesus who became an acceptable sacrifice and replacement for your evil deeds, making you worthy to stand before God the Father in Heaven without blemish, unstained of sin, washed in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Fall to your knees and call out to God to forgive you of your sins because you are NOT perfect, you deserve death and punishment, and ask for forgiveness of your sins. As you accept Jesus, the Son of God, a piece of God sent to earth making Jesus God in the flesh here on earth, you will be FORGIVEN. You will now be given the Holy Spirit who will work with you, communicate with you in your heart to start understanding the Bible and God’s desires. You will learn how to properly pray, communicating with God, NOT being a broken record or using ridiculous repetitive non-sense.

You will learn to pray to God the Father, who is the Father of you and creation.

  1. Our Father who is in heaven. God is in Heaven.
  2. That Holy is His name, learning to respect it and not use it as a curse, to be mocked, or to trick others
  3. His Kingdom comes, with the return of the King. Jesus, our sacrificed lamb and savior, will return our King and a Judge.
  4. God’s WILL be done, desire to do God’s will, and set about doing God’s will..because God’s WILL be done and there’s nothing stopping it. Over 2000 prophecies in the Bible have already come true and we are in the last days
  5. His WILL be done both on earth as it is in Heaven. The bible talks about heaven, how the angels obey, sing and serve God, living fruitful productive lives without evil, pain and suffering. His WILL be done on earth, as it is in Heaven…
  6. Give us this today, our daily bread. Be thankful for the food that you eat, the water you drink, as it is God’s will that you are still alive. The bible tells us how He is aware and takes care of the flowers and the animals, how much more He loves you! Be thankful to Him who gives generously to those who asks Him and deserves it. The bible says you do not have because you do not ask. The bible will teach you how to ask for things that are Godly and to serve God’s will and your purpose, not for sinful things or earthly items that will hurt you. Be thankful in all things to Yahweh, Elohim, Abba, our Rock, our Fortress, our Beacon of Light to keep us from sinking and who meets our needs. Give us this day, our daily bread…
  7. Forgive us our trespasses because we are sinners. We sin daily, with and without knowing it. You must ask to be forgiven of your sins you know you committed and the sins you have no idea you committed, as it is still sin. It is your fault that you do not desire to know the bible, His will, so we are all without excuse when we commit crimes against His kingdom, against others, and crimes against ourselves.
  8. Father in heaven, being so kind and loving, to forgive ALL OF MY SINS, i too will be FORGIVING! I will forgive those who hurt me or someone I loved…yes God, forgive us our trespasses as WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US.
  9. Lead us not into temptation, understanding that trials and tribulations are necessary as punishment, growth, and to further His kingdom if we use God in these troubling times. Please do not allow temptation around me and my family that take us off the right path.
  10. Instead of Father, DELIVER US FROM EVIL. As demons, devils, and Satan call for God’s protection to be lifted, so they can “sift us like wheat” in a wheat field. Luke 22:31. They wish to devour us so as to be DELIVERED FROM EVIL, ask for God’s hedge of protection over you, your family, your pets, and your house (yes, pets and house as you get further into spiritual warfare you WILL understand this). Job 1:1-11, Psalm 34:1, James 1:17, 1 Peter 5:8. Read Psalm 91 to help you with this part of the Lord’s Prayer so you understand what Jesus meant “but deliver us from evil”.
  11. Understand God’s kingdom of what He will allow us to know, that God is all powerful, and accepts all glory (not even the angels want our worship or glory, nor our worship). Many Catholics are tricked into worshipping statues, saints, and angels by demons and devils. God does NOT share His glory or HIs worship with ANYTHING He created.

Do not be hypocrite, do not be a robot, understand the bible and pray. Meditate on God’s word, the King James bible, not on stones, trees, or yourself. Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit so your “home” will not be empty, vulnerable to a “break in” from demons and devils. The Holy Spirit cannot be over took, cannot be pushed out, nor can be scared away by any demon or devil. You yourself are in control of your “home” and have power to push the Holy Spirit out or keep the Holy Spirit within. God does not walk away from us, we choose to walk away from Him. As we sin, we hurt the Holy Spirit, sin against ourselves and others and worse. God will turn His face away from you, you will lose your protection, and the shadow people will return, more numerous, more angry, with stronger ones than the ones who you willfully kicked out the first time. One angel in the bible wiped out an entire army…who are you to think you can stand on your own strength? Perhaps with bruteforce mantras and a bag full of rocks and stones you can fight them all off?? Maybe some lucky charms, a few crosses, some pictures of virgin Marry have the power of the ancient ones, the Watchers, our Tormentors. When the shadows get darker, spread further, and the whispers at night come back, turn away from your sins, find the cause, cut it out of your life, and sin no more that your sinful thoughts and lusts have no more power over you.

Remember that The Lord’s Prayer is a guide for your flexible and personable communications with God. It is not be be brainlessly repeated. Read Ephesians 3:20, learn to ask for God’s best, not your best. God designed you, thought of you before before your parents were born, and knows your purpose. He knows why He created you, knows the count of every hair on your body, obviously all-knowing, means “Father knows best” and what is best for you. You short-change yourself when you do not ask. You do not have because you do not ask. As always, do not forget prayer busters (link to this), things that will hamper, slow, or stop altogether your prayers from being answered.

Pray first thing in the morning, remembering Psalms 5:3 “For to Thee will I pray: O lord in the morning Thou shalt hear my voice.” and let it be so, so be it (amen).

“Question: ‘What are prayer beads? Is it okay to use beads while praying?’

Answer:Prayer beads, sometimes calledrosarybeads, are used in the practice of meditation and prayer. Prayers are repeated a number of times corresponding with the number of beads. Prayer or rosary beads have traditionally been associated with Catholicism, but the use of prayer beads is widespread, with many religious traditions incorporating them.

The basic rosary is made up of 59 beads linked together in a shape that looks like a necklace. Each of the beads on the rosary is intended to have a prayer said while holding the individual bead. Of these beads, 53 are for “Hail Mary’s” to be said on them. The other six are intended for “Our Fathers.” These beads provide a physical method of keeping count of the prayers as the fingers are moved along the beads as the prayers are recited.

The history of the rosary in Christian circles has been traced back to the Crusades. It is thought by historians that the Crusaders had adopted this practice from the Arabs, who, in turn, copied the observance of using beads from India. Recent archeological findings reveal that the ancient Ephesians made use of such beads in their worship of Diana, also known as Artemis, whose temple was one of the seven wonders of the world (Acts 19:24-41).

Prayer beads are also used by Roman Catholics to help the practitioner keep track of some 180 prayers which make up the rosary. Examples of such prayers are Our Father, Hail Mary, and Gloria. The practice of the rosary is based on the assumption that repeating these prayers over and over enables the petitioner to secure merit or favor from God in order to escape from the punishment of the fires ofpurgatory.

The use of prayer beads is not scriptural. Jesus Himself chastised the religious leaders of His time for repeating their prayers over and over. In fact, He told His disciples not to emulate them by using “vain repetitions as the heathen do, for they think they will be heard for their many words” (Matthew 6:7). Prayers are not to be merely recited or repeated mindlessly as though they are automatic formulas. Many who use prayer beads today claim that the rosary helps them take the focus off themselves and onto Christ, but the question is really one of the efficacy of repeating the same phrases over and over in a mantra-like manner.

Prayer is an incredible privilege for the Christian, as we are invited by the Creator of the universe to come “boldly” into His presence (Hebrews 4:16) and communicate with Him. Prayer is the means by which we praise Him, adore Him, give thanks to Him, submit to Him, and bring before Him petitions for ourselves and intercessions for others. It’s hard to see how that intimate communion with Him is enhanced by repeating simple prayers over and over again via prayer beads.”

Read more:

Read more on Pagan Prayer Beads here as well. Please let me know if these links ever fail and I will update with the content.

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