Worshipping the Dead



They teach praying to Mary…who is dead and never resurrected. Is Mary omnipotent? Is Mary omniscient? No, she is neither all-knowing nor all-powerful. So, even if she COULD hear your prayer, she could hear only one person at a time. No thanks, my prayers go to YHWH who hears my prayers, has every hair on my head counted, knows my needs, died on the cross, was resurrected, came as the Lamb and will return a conquering King and Judge. (This may confuse some, that Jesus is God in the Flesh. If you do not believe who Jesus is, consider yourself in an occult or an infidel or hopefully, just confused at the moment).


Catholics will have you repeat the same prayer over and over while counting beads until your house is empty. There is nothing special about repeating yourself to dead people, objects, statues, pictures, dead saints or the mother of Jesus. For example, if I continuously said “Hi there! Wonderful day it is today!” regardless of how the day is and regardless of how you felt, that is NOT COMMUNICATION.


They are all dead and NOT listening to your prayers. There is only one mediator which the Catholics try to discourage. I bow before no false gods.


Catholics will worship angels and they will worship deceiving angels of the light which are demons. Observe the demonic behavior of those individuals and what is happening around them to discern for yourself.


She has died and cannot hear your prayers. If you do not believe so, open the Bible and show me otherwise and I will post it here.


Brain-numbing nonsense repeatedly emptying your mind for demonic influence from mantric worship


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