Gateway to Hell / Hellbound

Many believe they worship the same god, unfortunately for them, they do not…


  • Yahweh (YHWH) is not a god of confusion. Jehovah Witnesses have done an excellent job of confusing the Bible.
  • Yahweh is not the Moon god of Babylon portrayed in the symbol for Muslims
  • Yahweh did not send an angel to do His job (Jehovah Witnesses believe Michael the Archangel is Jesus)
  • Yahweh did not send energy to the world (Jehovah Witnesses believe the Holy Spirit their god’s energy or force)
  • Yahweh did not make Mary, the mother of Yeshua (Jesus) into a god. Catholics believe it is okay to pray to statues, crosses, saints, the pope, and just about anything else that does not move or talk
  • Yahweh is not an unmerciful elohim (god) who sends the unrighteous to Hell. The Elohim of your elohims, the Almighty, the One that Always Was and Always Will Be, does not send you to Hell, you send yourself to Hell despite His every effort to bring you home with Him.

This will be continued very soon with a linked list with specifics and details…

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