Who Are You? WhoAmI? Know Yourself

Now days EVERYONE is a Christian. They say because they believe in God and Jesus, they are Christians…which is laughable (I’m laughing deep inside right now) because EVEN LUCIFER believes in God AND Jesus. In fact, many confuse Lucifer with Jesus as they are both referred to at times as the Morning Star, the Light Bearer, and more.

  1. Do you know the difference between my Jesus and the Jehovah Witness’s Jesus?
  2. My Hell and their Hell? Jehovah Witnesses believe in “sleep” death
  3. Seventh Day Adventist say the condemned will get destroyed and not go to Hell, a place for Demons, Devils, and Satan.
  4. Is the Holy Ghost an entity or God’s energy?
  5. Is Jesus really “God in the flesh on earth” or Michael The Arch Angel. Do you worship Jesus or Michael or God? Are you worshipping a false god?
  6. What’s the difference between Fruit of the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
  7. Who gets the Fruits and Gifts? If so, how many? Which Gifts may or may not be present today?
  8. Can we get pulled out of Hell? Mormons believe so through a proxy Baptism, but they are Christians, believe in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit as normal Christians do. Jehovah Witnesses believe Jesus is Michael the Arch Angel and the Holy Spirit is God’s energy. They say we worship false gods by praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit…the strangest thing of all…we ALL READ FROM THE SAME BIBLE. Get your facts straight, pray, ask, read, and pray some more. You are accountable for yourself and how you raise your children.

These questions can sometimes be answered by simply reading the Bible and Prayer. I have made a few lists pulling from different areas of the Bible(s) to assist you and myself on our journey to stand trial before our Wonderful Maker who loves You and Me..even Hitler. He wants ALL OF US to come home ever since the annex from the Garden of Eden we have been separated by sin.

  • Know your Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Know What you believe and Why you believe it so you can always answer in FAITH
  • Know Who you Worship…and angel, a prophet, a man, God in the Flesh, or God in Heaven, or Mary and the Saints?

My God bless me indeed

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