YHWH Elohim Adonai My God

What’s in a name? Don’t let the Jehovah Witnesses steer you wrong. Other cults will try to tell you God will only answer to Jehovah. There is no “J” in Hebrew, it is a Y and pronounced Yahweh, they can’t even get the first letter correct or pronounced. Worse, I read that the last characters “vah” means “false”…I suppose just like their religion, Michael the Arch Angel did not come down as Jesus and die for our sins..
  1. the Holy One = HaKadosh
  2. Holy Spirit = Ruach HaKodesh
  3. Adonai (“my Lord”, replaces YHWH, and Yahweh because His real name was mistakenly believed by some Jews should never be written) = LORD
  4. Adonai, God of heaven’s armies = Lord God Almighty
  5. Eli = Messianic Genealogy of father or grandfather
  6. Eli! Eli! = My God! My God!
  7. Elohi! Elohi! = My God! My God!
  8. Elohim = God, gods.
  9. HaElyon “the Most High or “the Highest” God
  10. HaG’dulah BaM’romim = the Greatness on High a euphemism for YHVH
  11. HaG’vurah = the Power” a euphemism for YHVH
  12. HaKadosh = the Holy One a euphemism for YHVH
  13. Halleluyah = A command in plural to “Praise Yah!” Yah being the name of God.
  14. HaM’vorakh = the Blessed One”, a euphemism for YHVH
  15. HaShem = the Name a euphemism for God or YHVH
  16. Adonai-Tzva’ot = Lord of Sabaoth
  17. HaG’dulah = the Majesty
  18. HaG’dulah BaM’romim = Majesty on High
  19. HaElyon = the Most High
  20. HaG’vurah = the Power
  21. Sh’khinah = Divine Presence, the manifest glory of God present with men. Luke 2:9
  22. Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echoed = the LORD (YHVH) your God, the LORD is one” Deu 6:4
  23. the Righteous One = the Tzaddik
  1. Yeshua =  Jesus or Lord (Lord in CAPS means GOD = LORD)
  2. Immanuel = Immanu’el (Name given to the child of “alma” (young women/virgin. The name means “God with us” or “God is with us”. Eli being God/YHWH note the ‘el after Immanu’el)
  3. Iesous = Greek for Yeshua
  4. Jesus = English version of the Greek’s version of Yeshua. His name means “Y-H-W-H saves”)


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